Minocqua, WI

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Best Cross Country Skiing around Minocqua, WI

Mercer Lake Habitat Area is a 56-acre peninsula extending into the southern shore of Mercer Lake in Oneida County. It includes a large amount of sh... Read More
Squirrel River Pines features a fine example of northern dry-mesic forest situated on a narrow, sandy peninsula running northeasterly towards the S... Read More
Four soft water seepage lakes, each separated by an isthmus are the main features of the natural area. The lakes are Bittersweet (104 acres, 31 fee... Read More
US-51, Woodruff, WI
Black Tern Bog consists of two small seepage lakes in a pitted outwash plain and contains an outstanding flora including several rare and unusual s... Read More
US-51, Woodruff, WI
The Trout River is a slow, warm, alkaline stream with clear water of high fertility. Flowing west from Trout Lake, it eventually joins the Manitowi... Read More
10750 Sth 70 E,, Woodruff, WI
Camp Lake and Pines features a dry-mesic forest bordering the east and south sides of Camp Lake, an undisturbed soft-water seepage lake. The canopy... Read More
Upper Kaubashine Creek supports an extensive wetland community that is relatively undisturbed and contains a regionally significant concentration o... Read More
Upper Tomahawk River Pines features several undisturbed stands of large red pine located along a wild and undeveloped reach of the Tomahawk River. ... Read More
Rux Rd, Woodruff, WI
Devine Lake and Mishonagon Creek contains an extensive wetland complex including a large sedge meadow, mixed conifer swamp, shrub-carr, and norther... Read More
8189 Rainbow Rd, Lake Tomahawk, WI
Situated on gently rolling pitted outwash, Tomahawk Lake Hemlocks features a northern mesic forest of mature hemlock and yellow birch with hemlock ... Read More
Wind Pudding Lake is a large, soft water, seepage lake with separate shallow and deep basins both of which contain unusual flora. The shallow centr... Read More
2 Lakes Rd, Lake Tomahawk, WI
On the gently rolling, sandy terrain between three lakes and conifer swamp is a northern dry-mesic forest dominated by large to medium-sized white ... Read More
Trout Lake Conifer Swamp is a small, mature northern wet-mesic forest composed of white cedar, black spruce, tamarack, and balsam fir. The ground c... Read More
3237 Crystal Lake Road, Boulder Junction, WI
Established in 1925 to protect the headwaters of the Wisconsin, Flambeau and Manitowish rivers, the Northern Highland American Legion (NHAL) State ... Read More
4125 Forest Headquarters Rd, Boulder Junction, WI
Nixon Lake features a complex of natural features including extensive wet meadow and shrub swamp, conifer swamp, muskeg, northern dry forest surrou... Read More
5193 Kellnhauser Dr, Harshaw, WI
Situated between three lakes, Germain Hemlocks features steep-sided stony ridges that support old-growth northern mesic forest dominated by large h... Read More
Big Muskellunge Lake Rd, Boulder Junction, WI
Situated on gently rolling to rough terrain is a mature second-growth dry mesic forest surrounding the south basin of Allequash Lake. The forest is... Read More
7543 Squirrel Hill Rd, Minocqua, WI
Mission: Minocqua Winter Park is a not-for-profit town park operated by the Lakeland Ski Touring Foundation.  Our mission is to provide a quality ... Read More
Day Lake Landing Rd,, Boulder Junction, WI
Extremely scenic and undeveloped, Day Lake is a 117-acre seepage lake with very sterile, exceptionally clear water. The lake's sandy bed is visible... Read More
Plum Lake Hemlock Forest is a near virgin stand of old-growth on rolling topography between Star Lake and Plum Lake. Canopy trees include hemlock, ... Read More
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