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Soldier Hollow Cross Country Skiing Resort

2002 Olympic Drive

Once the site of a small Native American encampment (and later, in the 1850's, a stopover for a group of Army surveyors), Soldier Hollow emerged from obscurity in the winter of 2002 as the immensely popular site of the Olympic cross country and biathlon events. Soldier Hollow also hosted the cross country skiing portions of Nordic Combined, and in March of 2002, held the cross country skiing and biathlon events for the Paralympics.

Having clearly established Soldier Hollow as a world acclaimed facility, the Olympics also provided Soldier Hollow with an infrastructure that could not only host future elite competitions such as National Championships and World Cups, but could also stage a wide range of events.

Since the closing ceremonies of the Olympics and Paralympics, Soldier Hollow has continued the legacy of ski racing and biathlon, playing host to the Under 23 World Championships in 2004 and U.S. Championships in 2005 and 2006.

Among the more unusual functions, Soldier Hollow has, since the Olympics, been the site of a Disney movie, staged the filming of national television commercials, hosted small, intimate work sessions by nationally prominent business and government leaders (including a break for a fun competition at the biathlon range), and many sports events, including the North American Unicycle Championships.

Soldier Hollow is also home to the Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championships, Intergalactic Tubing Championships, and Heber Valley Pow-Wow.

A wide range of events - youth and family friendly - is a hallmark of Soldier Hollow. It's all part of the Legacy.


Whitney Pare

Sunday, June 10, 2018
I went here for The Dirty Dash, it is so much fun and really something everyone she try out. They are very caring and make sure everyone is okay. ❤ I love it here!

Clifford King

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018
We went to Soldier Hollow for my first experience Cross Country skiing. As it was my first time, we decided to have a lesson. We were honestly shocked at how reasonable the prices were for a day pass, a lesson, and gear rental! Mark was a great teacher, you can tell he usually spends his time teacher younger children but we didn't mind at all as it still matched our expertise and he was really kind and helpful. I would recommend him easily. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the area skiing around. There is a great variety of terrain. Even though we were there during a day when the boy and Girl Scouts were there, the area is large enough it never felt too crowded. It's beautiful and quiet up the. Great to get away to midway and enjoy this place! I highly recommend it. It's quite the bang for your buck and a delightful time!

Joshua Parsons

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
An excellent venue for events. Lots of open field for parking and facilities for support. Food trucks and Port-a-potties help scale up to any size event. Beautiful mountain views and natural features and to the atmosphere.

Barbara Kennedy

Monday, April 16, 2018
Have hiked this trail twice. First time with snow on the ground and calm waters. After rounding several bends in the trail, the vista was amazing! The snow capped mountains come together at Provo Canyon and the reflected off the waters of Deer Creek. Reminded me of staying in the Swiss Alps as a teenager, above Lucerne. So beautiful. Today it was extremely windy and the water choppy. Large sprays of water skimmed the Reservoir. We encountered over 30 deer in different groupings. Another amazing hike!

michael hopkins

Monday, April 23, 2018
By far, one of the most beautiful venues in all of Utah. I have had so much fun over the years hiking, trying myself at the Olympic Biathlon Experience, winter tubing, and cross country skiing. I cant wait to see how this venue develops to be a major activity and meeting space landmark of the Heber - Midway area. Activities include: Biathlon, XC Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, winter tubing. Its a wonderful place for meetings and weddings as well!

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