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Notchview Reservation Massachusetts

Notchview Reservation Massachusetts
83 Old Route 9


With more than 3,000 acres of rolling terrain, Notchview offers an idyllic escape for winter sport enthusiasts, especially cross-country skiers looking for a brisk outing. Seventeen kilometers of trails are groomed and track-set for classical cross-country skiing; eight kilometers are groomed for skate skiing. A separate trail system is groomed for "skijoring," or skiing with dogs. You can also go off track and explore the backcountry, or snowshoe alongside the ski trails.

Notchview is a part of the Hoosac Range, an extension of Vermont's Green Mountains. Much of the reservation is above 2,000 feet, with Judge's Hill the highest point at 2,297 feet - which results in snow on our trails for more than 80 days each year.

Although some fields are kept open, most of the reservation is covered with a red spruce and northern hardwood forest. Poorly drained areas support a spruce and fir forest that lends a boreal appearance. The landscape has been influenced by years of timber, fuelwood, and charcoal production. The fields and forests are home to many wild species. Look for tracks of deer, moose, and snowshoe hare as you ski along. Chickadees, barred owls, and pileated woodpeckers live in the forest year-round.


In winter, warm up in the Budd Visitor Center, featuring a masonry heater with toasty soapstone seats, a waxing area, rental shop with both skis and snowshoes, and a stunning view of our woods and fields. Take an energy break with soup, sandwiches, baked goods, and beverages from our café. Along the trail, two Adirondack shelters offer skiers a chance to sit and admire the landscape. Public restrooms (open year-round). Seating area. 

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