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Mt. Hood Skibowl's origin dates back to 1928, making the resort one of the oldest remaining ski resorts in the country. The ski area began as two separate resorts Skibowl and Multorpor. While Skibowl's name was derived from the natural shape of it's Upper Bowl, Multorpor's name came from the combination Multnomah County, Oregon and Portland. The following is a brief timeline of the resort's storied history.


Tyler Meininger

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Fantastic. Super fun. During the off season you can ride on the slide which in itself is worth the cost. Also there is bungee jumping , zip lining, rock wall climbing, cart racing, tube slides and more at the other park side. And of course great skiing during snow season. Wife and I had an amazing time this summer. Can't wait to go again this snow season.

Dennis Escalante

Tuesday, July 24, 2018
If you're a local, yes Ski bowl is cool. It's just up the road from Portland, cheaper lift tickets, blah blah blah. But... The chairlifts are from the 70's and move very, very slow. You can get some pretty long lines at night because the place is all lit up, but then you just end back sitting on their slow old chairs that you seem to spend most of your day/night on. They cut a lot of corners on their grooming. None of the employees care about the terrain getting on and off the chairs... so huge holes develop. The best terrain in that area is referred to as the "outback" which doesn't have a chairlift to up. Its a pretty sweet run if your willing to do the hike.

Crystal Robison

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018
The activities were really fun. My kids loved it. Also, there needs to be better monitoring and/or instructions of safety rules with the Alpine slide. To many people stopping on the slide. It also would have been nice to understand that the price of a pass was just for activities and not to enter the park when I purchased online. We could have saved money on an unnecessary adventure pass online.

Kathryn Smith

Thursday, July 26, 2018
Those slides though! Fun for all! My kids (ages 3 -9) loved it and begged to go again! Plan to spend a while here, as it takes a while to get to the top (a beautiful ride, and an integral part of the experience). And just go ahead and spend the extra few bucks for 2 rides. You'll thank me for this advice after the first ride is over. 😀

M Liddle

Sunday, July 8, 2018
"Mt Hood Adventure Park @ Ski Bowl" would be a better way to name this place in the summertime!I. There are 25+ attractions for all ages ranging from adventureious to high adventure. We road the sky chair up/down last Sunday 7/1/18 & it was absolutely beautiful! Clear skies, warm temperatures & a little breezy up top. Would recommend you bring at the very least a light sweatshirt & or jacket.

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