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Killington Mountain School

Killington Mountain School
2708 Killington Road


The KMS Experience... is an educational opportunity for the student-athlete with high aspirations and steadfast integrity.  We are a community united by shared passions and a competitive spirit; our commitment to each other is built upon teamwork and mutual respect.

Combining rigorous, college-preparatory academics with world-class athletic training in a personalized setting, our students learn to balance their responsibilities in a diverse environment that includes competition and world travel. It is the mission of the Killington Mountain School to facilitate this dynamic by providing a highly individualized program, skilled teachers and coaches, a dedicated staff and the technological infrastructure to support distance learning.

We believe that the greatest lessons at Killington Mountain School come from facing challenges with courage and grace.  These experiences of failure and success provide unmatched opportunities for personal growth and create a lasting will to persevere. Our graduates are uniquely prepared for life beyond KMS.

Killington Mountain School's core values are summarized by the acronym Riler:

 - Respect
 - Integrity
 - Leadership
 - Excellence
 - Responsibility

We strive to bring these five principles to all aspects of life at KMS from the dorm room to the hill.

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