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Cheesequake State Park

300 Gordon Road

Cheesequake State Park’s uniqueness lies in its geographical location. Not only is it situated in the middle of the urban north and the suburban south, it lies in a transitional zone between two different ecosystems. Open fields, saltwater and freshwater marshes, a white cedar swamp, Pine Barrens, and a northeastern hardwood forest are the main characteristics of the park.



Sunday, May 20, 2018
Love this park. Trails are fairly easy so the whole family can enjoy (great for kids). Nature center has everything from your educational material to live turtles, blue jays...and chipmunks greeting you at the door. Friendly rangers. I visit at least twice a year and it’s so pleasant and peaceful. Try to arrive early before the crowd.

Adrian Agapie

Monday, July 9, 2018
We were traveling the whole day to come and camp in the park. Finally we made it to the gate (around 11PM) and we were trying to figure out what to do: go in the camping area (although it said : "for visitors with reservations ONLY") or wait in the parking lot until the morning. Since we weren't sure we'd be able to make it that night, we didn't make any reservation and calling them so late to make a reservation would not havi been possible since their offices closed hours earlier. Of course, there is no one we could have contacted on site. :( We decided to not go against their signage and camp in the parking lot in our trailer (without hooking up, no electricity, didn't feel super safe). In the morning, the guards came and gave us a choice : either we paid for camping in their parking lot or we had to pay a fine for parking too long in their parking lot! Although we were planning to stay there multiple days, we paid their requested camping fee and left for another campground right away. ------- My impression about NJ is that people are nice (a man stopped to help us even though we didn't need any help) but their government is nuts : - you can't pump your own gas at the gas station (I guess they think their people are too dumb!) - they have weird no turns on some of their "highways" (if you need to turn left or right, you need to wait to a specially designated place where you can turn right to then turn left. Bizarre!) - can't go in a campground without reservation?! Everywhere I've been so far (½ dozen US states, Canada, and half a dozen European countries) you can camp and then pay -- but NJ is different! :P

Mr. JC X

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Terrible place to Kayak. What the park doesn't tell you is that the ONLY place to kayak is in the tiny little lake in the park. All the pictures you see online are from people who accessed the creeks from OUTSIDE the park or via the guided tour that you have to sign up for. Basically they steal your money. We asked the girl at the entrance and visitor center where the best place to put our kayaks in and she said the lake. It was only after we got there we realized you can't access the Creeks. what a scam. We ended up going to Morgan Beach on the other side of the park and that's how you access the Creeks shown in all the pictures save your money and avoid Cheesequake

Bill Mc

Saturday, June 9, 2018
Pleasantly surprised with the Green trail. Avoided it because of the location not seemingly isolated. But 2 hours, 3 miles later, only saw 1 person on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June. Moderate hide, nothing crazy but a nice walk and the best marked trail I've seen I a long time. Parking at the red trail head then switch to green was a great loop.

James Sharp

Sunday, May 27, 2018
This park is beautiful. The walk through the wetlands and into the forest is so well preserved, and you will see osprey flying above throughout the park! Once the trees have bloomed, this is a nature lover's paradise. There are quite a few trails to pick from so you can definitely spend the entire day here and not be bored.

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