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Sandstone - Banning State Park

61101 Banning Park Road

Treat yourself to a visit to Banning State Park, just minutes off I-35 near Sandstone. In the spring, watch daring canoeists and kayakers shoot the turbulent rapids at Blueberry Slide, Mother's Delight, Dragon's Tooth and Hell's Gate. In the summer, hike along the Kettle River amid dramatic sandstone rock formations with lush lichens, liverworts and mosses. Visit Wolf Creek Falls, the Log Creek Arches and Robinson's Ice Cave. Stay at the new camper cabin (sleeps five people), which includes bunk beds, a table and benches. Take in the historic ruins of Banning Sandstone Quarry. The park is known for camping, picnicking, cross-country skiing, beautiful trails for hiking and the study of natural history.

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Marty Lindsey

Friday, March 16, 2018
I really enjoyed my weekend there. I went up in the fall just in time to see the color of before all these leave dropped. Greatly hiking trails! My head wash on a swivel looking at and taking pictures of all the beauty. Very scenic. I the waterfall left a bit to be desired but it did not detractors from my experience. I will definitely be back!

Photo Backup

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
I can't get enough of this park. I've been there seven times in the last year more than any other park. It is very large and plenty to see the parking is lacking. But the river provides good opportunity for photos there is also remains of a quarry and a waterfall. Overall the best park in Minnesota

Ray Carlson

Friday, March 16, 2018
Beautiful park! Well laid out. The paths & trails are excellent, no matter what level you're at when it comes to walking! The fall colors are fabulous!👍🐸

Tessa Gosiak

Saturday, Nov. 25, 2017
Great place to camp. We love to take nature walks and spend time outdoors when we go camping and this is a great state park to do that at. We have had many camping trips here and it is on the top of our favorites list. We will be returning again and would highly recommend it to others.

Joshua Olson

Monday, Nov. 27, 2017
I really enjoyed the Quarry Loop and Hell's Gate trails in the fall. The trail largely follows the Kettle River. The Quarry Loop includes markers informing hikers about the quarry's history.

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