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Best Cross Country Skiing around Merrill, WI

10 Miles North of Merrill on Highway 107, Merrill, WI
New Wood Wildlife Area is a 4,635-acre property located in the west central portion of Lincoln County. Find New Wood Wildlife Area approximately 16... Read More
Welcome to Ackley Wildlife Area. Shortly after the turn of the century, harvest of the original hardwood, hemlock and pine timber types occurred on... Read More
Bill Cross Wildlife Area is a 1,522-acre property located in Lincoln County. It was purchased in 1997 from Wisconsin Public Service. The property i... Read More
Council Grounds Road, Merrill, WI
Krueger Pines features an old-growth northern dry-mesic forest dominated by an even-aged stand of white pine, some as large as two feet in diameter... Read More
N1895 Council Grounds Drive, Merrill, WI
HistoryCouncil Grounds was once city-owned and called Wildwood City Park. In 1938, the city of Merrill presented the original 278 acres west of the... Read More
3605 N.Mountain Road, Wausau, WI
This historic stone chalet is named after the renowned World War II army alpine 10th Mountain Division, which trained to fight and travel on skis a... Read More
Grundy Road, Gleason, WI
Prairie River Fishery Area contains 1840 acres in Langlade and Lincoln Counties. The Prairie River is a cold water resource having slightly acidic,... Read More
518 W Somo Ave, Tomahawk, WI
Named for the Bearskin Creek the trail follows, this former railroad corridor is an opportunity to experience the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The rail... Read More
Spring Creek Drive, Tomahawk, WI
Lily Lake is a 42-acre seepage lake surrounded by open bog and uplands of jack pine, paper birch, and aspen. The bog mat is similar in characterist... Read More
Prairie Lake Rd, Tomahawk, WI
Lower Tomahawk River Pines features mature stands of dry-mesic pine forest, which were historically prevalent over large portions of this ecoregion... Read More
Gobler Lake Rd, Tomahawk, WI
Gobler Lake contains a large open bog and a soft water bog lake and includes a geologically significant esker within the natural area. Gobler Lake ... Read More
3611 Shingle Mill Rd, Pelican Lake, WI
Enterprise Hemlocks features stands of mature mesic forest heavily dominated by hemlock with some very old trees present. In the mid 1980's, road c... Read More
5193 Kellnhauser Dr, Harshaw, WI
Situated between three lakes, Germain Hemlocks features steep-sided stony ridges that support old-growth northern mesic forest dominated by large h... Read More
Gartzke Flowage Cross-Country Ski Trail:Gartzke trail is located east of Antigo. The trail is 5.5 miles in length and designed for all ability leve... Read More
Bear Road, Antigo, WI
The snowshoe trail and the ski trail are in good shape for hiking, biking, and horseback riding.  The camp area was also mowed.  Logging ... Read More
N6875 Hwy 52, Bryant, WI
The hill is solely run by volunteers which keeps the cost having outdoor fun affordable. The hill is open on weekends only, weather permitted. They... Read More
2 Lakes Rd, Lake Tomahawk, WI
On the gently rolling, sandy terrain between three lakes and conifer swamp is a northern dry-mesic forest dominated by large to medium-sized white ... Read More
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